Effective tips and tricks for Hempire

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Weed is one of the most awesome drugs in the world. Weed is like heaven for stoners, and people love to smoke different types of weed available in the market. Well, this weed is illegal and isn’t it great if you start living in a world where you can grow your own weed. Here we’ve come with this game Hempire, this game is really addictive, and you’re going to love this game.

This game is available for both Android and iOS platforms, and you can play this game whenever you get a stable internet connection. Well, there are many things in this game that you should know in order to be a better player. So here we’ve come up with few tips and tricks for you all to get started –

1. Make deals with great income

While you’re in the game, then the only things that are going to help the most are your incomes. The goal of this game is to be a millionaire by selling out your weed. The only way that you’re going to make this happen is to make some great income in this game with Hempire Cheats 2020.

While making deals, there are some things that you’ve to be taking care of while making up a deal. Like, you’ve to be giving bribers to police and cops to let your weed export. There are many things ore that you’ll get to know while playing your game. You can get a good income by following these steps and let’s move to the next tip.

2. Buildings

These are the buildings used in the game and all of these are mentioned below –

  • Warehouse – This is a type of storage for your weed crops and you can easily grow it in your farms. This will help you store your weed and you can access it anytime on an order.
  • Sheds – This place is meant to store many other things in the shed. You can store materials used to build another building by this and this can be much more helpful.
  • Handy Mandy’s Shop – Well, this is the first building that you’re going to unlock in this game. This shop will give out many new paid things that you can buy to boost up your weed production.

3. Diamonds

Diamonds are great help in this game and you have to collect every diamond in order to play this game. This is the premium currency of this game and you have to be collecting them by gaining as much as you can. There are many quests and new tricks to help you get free currencies.

There are some objectives given in the game that you’ve to complete in order to play this game nicely. Hope to get big amounts and trust me it will help you gain a lot of diamonds for free.

So what’s the final verdict?

There are many games related to this genre, but you’re going to love only this game. Hope you find this guide helpful.