Dragon Ball Legends – Starting Guide for the Beginners!

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Dragon Ball Legends is an action-based game for mobile devices by Bandai Namco. There are seven types of characters in the game. It is a 3D action as well fighting game that you can easily choose your best characters in Dragon Ball Legends for the battle as well as compete against your opponents from all over the world. In this game, there are various event modes and a story mode that helps you to complete the challenges for bonuses and rewards in the form of currency. In today’s article, we have covered the main important things about the game.

Learn the basics

Before you start the game, you have enough knowledge about the game, and then you survive in the game. Firstly, your main objective is to build the best character for the battle. After that, guide your characters and always keep increase their powers. You start the game from story mode, which is a very easy task.

As soon as your level up, you can easily unlock the event mode and story mode. In details, in PvP mode, you can fight against other players from all around the world and enhance your rank for medals in the leaderboard. As you reach the high rank, then you face the top – level players having strong energy and it would be very tough to win the battles. Players always need to enhance their energy as well as skills in higher levels in DB Legends hack.

On the other side, the story mode is divided into lessons, as soon as, completing the chapters, and then you can get rewards like crystals, Zeni, and souls.

Final Words

Conclusion, players have to understand all the above-mentioned things, if they want to survive in Dragon Ball Legends for a long period of time.